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Rio Grande Insurance Services

All About Us

Who gets excited about insurance? We do! 

Rio Grande Insurance Services is a family owned business with over 100 years combined insurance experience. In 34 years, we've grown from our first office in Santa Fe, New Mexico to offer coverage from 14 offices located throughout New Mexico and Arizona, California and Colorado, in partnership with more than 30 providers. 

Meet our incredible agents, each with a passion for helping people, and a commitment to getting them where they want to be personally and professionally. It's about helping people like themselves, to help you protect where you are in life.

Rio Grande Insurance agents understand the emotional conundrum of getting a teen behind the wheel of a car. It's more than the added cost of insuring that young adult. They share your pain and also have the industry experience to guide you to the best coverage option at the best price. 

First home or third home. Rio Grande Insurance agents get that a new address is more than changing schools, fights over bedrooms, a different commute to work and new (nosy) neighbors. Insuring that new house is better left to someone experienced enough to overlook the drama and get right to the best coverage option at the best price.

Some of us have even been there from start-up business to entrepreneurial success. We know that it's so much more than a site buildout, recruiting a team and designing business cards. From property, to bad debt to workers' comp - these are topics best relegated to an industry expert. What and how much do you need? Let us get you to the best coverage option at the best price.   

Insuring yourself is about investing in your future. Rio Grande Insurance agents are experts in what they do, but they are also people who understand the need to protect your life's achievements. Our people understand their role is to protect you where you are, with the best coverage options at the best price. Rio Grande partners with providers who share our values, who provide a broad range of insurance products, that allow us to do exactly that. 

INSURANCE DONE BETTER We have built an impressive reputation providing customer service in the insurance industry:

  • We’re there when you need us

  • Online quoting capabilities

  • 24 hour claims response service

  • New expanded hours of business Monday - Friday, but call us anytime you need to

  • Over 100 years total insurance experience

  • Now doing business in 4 states, New Mexico, Arizona, California, and Colorado

  • Thirty-Four years in business