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Motorcycle Insurance

from Rio Grande Insurance Services

Motorcycle Insurance


Not to date ourselves, but since "Easy Rider" in 1969, motorcycles and their riders have enjoyed a certain mystery around the lifestyle. Are they "rebels?" Are they "hippies"? "Tough guys" or "Angels"? Why are Harley's called "Hogs?" What is this often-repeated appeal of "the wind in my hair?" Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper rode them. The Fonz rode one in "Happy Days" - even Prince Rode one in "Purple Rain." The characters held real mystique, in part due to their "ride." There's no mystique, however, in Motorcycle Insurance. Today, motorcycles are a far more common mode of transportation, often simply more convenient than a car - definitely more sexy! 

What's really sexy is protection and Rio Grande Insurance Services is your go-to for that. There's nothing mysterious about insuring your vehicle and your own well-being but there's definitely an appeal to getting exactly the right coverage for the best price. The research part isn't super attractive and it takes up serious road time, so let us do the shopping for you. In Arizona, California, Colorado and New Mexico - IDEAL riding states, by the way - we'll set you up with exactly what you need to insure the lifestyle you love. 

And by the way? It ain't no mystery. We get why you love it. Wear your helmet!

Remember, Rio Grande Insurance Services works with multiple insurance companies so we can provide you with multiple motorcycle insurance coverage options at rates you can afford.

What You Need to Know

If you live in Arizona, California, Colorado or New Mexico, Rio Grande Insurance Services covers what you ride. We insure a full spectrum of motorcycles from street cycles, Harley Davidsons, cruisers and touring bikes, to dirt bikes, golf carts and ATVs.

Your policy can include any or all of the options below. Call us to discuss what coverage is best for you.

Custom Parts and Equipment

If you select custom parts coverage, most carriers offer up to $3,000 in coverage without any additional cost to you. Coverage is available for up to $10,000 in custom parts and equipment.

Roadside Assistance

Your motorcycle insurance policy can provide you with a roadside assistance benefit of up to $300 per breakdown.

Liability Coverage

You can pick the motorcycle insurance coverage that fits your needs. Many insurance companies offer underlying liability limits high enough to satisfy Personal Umbrella requirements, which means that you may be eligible for this additional coverage. In most states, Guest Passenger liability (mandatory on all street bikes) is automatically included at the same limit as your liability selection. 

Medical Coverage

This coverage provides for certain necessary medical expenses for you and any passenger that are the result of an accident.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage

This coverage typically pays for expenses associated with injury or death from an accident caused by an uninsured, underinsured, or hit-and-run driver. It also covers you if you are hit as a pedestrian.

You May Qualify for Discounts

One of the great advantages of having your motorcycle coverage through a major insurance company like the ones we represent, is that you may save money by having more than one policy with us. Our agency will be able to help calculate how much money you can save. You also may be able to save money on your premiums if your motorcycle is stored in a garage, if you belong to certain rider groups, or if you have taken a safe rider course sponsored by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.